Kitchen, Furniture & Door
Spray to Transform

Get the look you desire at a fraction of the cost!​


Transforming Your Kitchen Has Never Been Easier

“Home is not a place, it’s a feeling”


What sets us apart is our personalised service, bespoke packages and custom solutions that meet your unique requirements.​

Benefits of Re-Finishing:

High-Quality Finish: Our expert team ensures a flawless finish that will exceed your expectations.
Choose a colour that reflects your personality rather than what’s on offer elsewhere – we also offer interior design advice.
Cost-Effective Solution: Save thousands by opting for re-finishing instead of replacing – the look you desire at a fraction of the cost.
Durable and easy clean finishing.
Minimal disruption in your home: NO hassle of replacing entire pieces. Re-finishing allows for quicker transformations!
Quicker turnaround: means you can be having breakfast in your new kitchen in no time at all compared to waiting for other trades, installations etc!!
Eco-Friendly – Reduce waste by resurfacing instead of replacing – nothing goes to landfill!.

You’ll love coming home to a kitchen that feels brand new.

Don’t wait! Book your kitchen transformation with Bauen today!


The Interior Design Look.. In every room!

Your personality, your design, your new home


Transform your furniture into stunning statement pieces.

Don’t wait, give your home a stylish update!

So why Furniture Re-Finishing:

Savings – Spend a fraction of what you’d pay for new furniture.
Sustainability – Contribute to a greener planet by reusing items you already own.
Customization – Tailored colors and finishes to fit your personal style.
Extended Life – Protect and prolong the life of your beloved furniture.
Immediate Makeover – Instantly transform any room with refreshed furniture.
New or Old – built in or freestanding – the interior design look in every room!

Door Window

Doors, Windows Restoration & Re-finishing

Refresh the colour of your internal doors to transform your hall or landing!

Our Process

Enquiry received & photographs sent to us of items for spraying
Telephone consult.  just to get a feel for what you’re looking for and a timescale required
Site visit & survey and quotation (normally 24-48hrs)
Colour samples delivered once all agreed
Site visit to remove doors, fitments
Prepare and spray removed items
Wrapping and delivery of your new items
Protection of adjacent panels/fitments within your kitchen
Spraying of any immovable panels
Re-installation of kitchen doors

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